Gal is probably one of the easiest to please. Quality writing, good grammar. Dirty talk in bed. Sweet and romantic, sweaty and raunchy. Justified pairings. Happy endings. After a good deal of smut and angst to make the boys’ lives troublesome. They’re happier after they go through hell! PWPs are fine with her too. Though she does have a specific preferred pairing she writes, she has been known to read other pairings and other fandoms.

She is a bit of a nitpicker. Use the wrong ‘your’? Misspell a word completely? Got a 404 instead of a valid link? Link the wrong thing entirely? Well, then be prepared to have this Babe laugh at you and be annoyed. Your HTML coding and artistic quality she’ll leave to the other Babes who have more experience in that field to properly critique.

Gal does not have a personal home on the web, other than her online journal, and likes it that way. She is a lurker. Her co-authored writing with Ana can be found over at Blade & Claw if you’re looking for Weiss Kreuz fandom things, or OMFG Crack! if you’re looking for Bleach fandom things.
Wish to contact her? Find her at gal[at]