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06th Apr 2009

Yokai’s Hunger

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Even a so-so Naono Bohra release is a damned sight better than a lot of the crap that gets released over here. Is this one of my favorites by her? No. However, I’m just happy that we have something by her over here.

For those of you who are not familiar with the awesomeness that is Naono Bohra, one of her trademarks is pairing an older man with a younger, making it work and making it hot as hell. The art is graphic without being over the top and the faces are expressive. Normally, she’s the master of angst, but this release doesn’t showcase her mastery of breaking your heart.

Norito is an average student, except for the fact that he attracts demons and the demons attack anyone who gets close to him. Leaving Norito to be a fairly lonely individual. One night, Norito comes in contact with Koma, a dog/wolf yokai (demon), who claims to be Norito’s protector due to a promise they made in Norito’s past life. He also claims to be hopelessly devoted to Norito. This is something that Norito tries to fight as he’s confused about this turn of events and would really like to be liked for who he is now–not who he was in a previous existence.

Koma’s got a way of working under Norito’s skin until the two of them find that they can’t be apart. Of course, this happiness can’t last. An evil from the past comes to fulfill a vow he made, and erase all existence of Koma.

This is a gorgeous release. There’s very little I can find to be picky about and, normally, I pick all of Media Blasters’ releases apart with a fine tooth comb. Run out and get this one. Then maybe we’ll be able to get more of her stuff released over here!

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