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19th May 2008

Yellow 4

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Boys, guns, assassins, secret identities and a boatload of angst. What is there not to like in this series? That being said, I’m sad that this series will be ending. I’m going to miss my dose of Goh and Taki’s wild and wonderful courtship every few months.

So when we last left our heroes, Taki left Goh with instructions not to follow him while he ran off with the assassin team known as “Sandfish”. Now Goh isn’t one to take orders like that quietly, not after he finally got Taki to admit some feelings for him. You know that Goh is going to risk his neck to save Taki and that everything is going to work out for the best. You know there’s going to be some hot oh-my-god-you’re-safe sex and that the bad guys are going to get what’s coming to them.

Even knowing all of that, it’s still a hell of a fun ride getting there. As the first longish series that DMP has put out, I’m really quite pleased with Yellow.

I do think that the box that they sell to house the series is a bit of a rip off since it’s only the cover of volume one enlarged and printed on the cardboard, complete with the parental advisory label. If they had included new artwork (you can’t tell me that the original Japanese release didn’t have full color inserts) or had even taken off the warning label, I would have warmed up to it more, but as it is I just can’t justify spending the money for it.

It’s a damn good series though, and one I’m very happy to have as part of my collection.

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19th May 2008

Yellow 3

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

As promised, though a bit later than expected, I’m back with my review for Yellow, Volume Three. I’ve actually had this volume sitting on my shelf for a month, waiting to be read. Why I hadn’t read it yet, I have no idea, but once I started, I wasn’t able to put it down. Again, another fantastic volume from DMP and Makoto Tateno.

Intrigue, murder, secrets, seduction, refusal, fear, love, desire. Yup. That’s Yellow, Volume Three in about nine words.

This volume introduces some new characters and reveals some old secrets, things that previous volumes – especially volume two – hinted at but didn’t expose. While reading through it you can tell that Yellow is working towards its end, but still leaves enough for volume four.

Which brings me to my one bad point of the review. The fact that this is the second to last volume of this BL series. Boo. But even though I’ll miss it, four volumes might be just the right length for this story.

So, as you might guess, I highly recommend this title. The art is just gorgeous, has in fact spoiled me and turned me off to another BL series I was reading in comparison. More kisses, more shirtless-ness this volume. Lovely.

Oh, and take note of that lovely explicit content/parental advisory warning on the cover. ‘Nuff said.

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19th May 2008

Yellow 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Yes, yet another yummy volume of Yellow from DMP! And it did not disappoint, not in the least. Very good to know because I’ve had a few disappointments with manga in the second issue. Definitely not with Yellow.

The artwork is still superb. And the plot? Oh, yes. Sexual tension runs rampant and secrets from the past are revealed! I do like how this manga is going, revealing a bit about the characters bit by bit. Just enough to keep me intrigued to read more while still being enough to make me feel as if I acutally got to know the characters a bit more after reading the volume. Not that I really mind just spending a half hour of my time looking at pretty boys and pretty art, but, hey, it is a $12.95 manga volume. I want it all!

And, yes, I cannot stop raving about this manga. I do think that it does deliver all. This volume has the first mission that I actually figured out part of the clue of how they solve it all. This volume has a lovely four-page scene of making out against a wall and rolling on a bed before our dear heterosexual Taki gets a hold of himself. This volume also has beautiful artwork of what we love best: two guys going at it. Oh, and injuries! It has almost-fatal injuries. And that’s just halfway through the volume.

Yellow is a yaoi manga that I’m very glad I got into. Recently, due to new manga and anime addictions, I’ve actually been leaving the world of yaoi a bit behind. But then comes the month that a volume of Yellow comes out and I remember just why I first was intrigued and fell in love with male-male love. There’s just something the sexual tension between two men that cannot be met by a man and a woman.

So, yes, I’ll definitely be indulging in the next volume of Yellow. Due out soon!

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19th May 2008

Yellow 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Green is “Forward”, and red is “Stop”. Yellow is “Risky”. If you dare, go forward at your own risk.

Such is one of the opening lines of Yellow, Volume One. A line which sets the scene for a very yummy BL manga. Taki and Goh are together always – they share an apartment, are partnered together in their work – but they are not “together”. Goh is gay. Taki is straight. Much to Goh’s dismay.

The basic set up of the manga’s story is pretty simple. And almost with a Get Backers or Weiß Kreuz feel to it. Except with full-out boys love, not just with dreamed of and hoped for by the fangirls, boys love. Taki and Goh live together and often hang out at a diner, “Cafe Roost”. The barkeep there sends them plenty of refills of coffee, sometimes hiding a password on a piece of paper under one of those mugs. The password allows them to access a database where they receive their next job. They are snatchers – their undercover job is to snatch the drugs before police storm in and find it. Or find what the police can’t yet find. There are various minor characters – usually only in the story for one act, or one drug mission – and are often lovers of Taki or Goh so they can get inside information.

Simple, yes, but quite addicting. The plot is interesting enough, and the boys… The boys are beautifully drawn. The artwork of Yellow is just fantastic. Their hair is often falling in their eyes and they have chest shots – frequent, fanservice-y, chest shots. Which are good things. Also in this first volume, we have the smuts: a make-out scene, two sex scenes and some groping scenes. For Taki being straight, he certainly does kiss and get groped by Goh a lot. Oh, and we have gunplay. Taki likes to point a gun at Goh whenever he gropes him. Which, yay, is frequently. The sexual tension between these boys is fantastic.

The price of this manga volume is, unfortunately, like all of DMP’s manga volumes, high: $12.95 U.S./$18.95 Canada. But it definitely did not disappoint. This is one I’ll definitely be spending my hard-earned cash on and recommend highly.

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