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28th Dec 2008

White Brand

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I know all about the Youka Nitta scandal. I think she pulled a dumb-ass move and am glad that she’s taking a break for a while. This doesn’t mean that I hope that she’ll never work again or that I’m going to shun her work. Even though her faces look very similar, I still like the style. I like her characters and I like how she writes.

I’m going to be really cranky if she doesn’t finish Embracing Love because I want to know what happens, dammit! Let’s not get into the fact that the company that had the license for Embracing Love managed to fuck everything up royally and that no one has stepped in to buy up the licenses. No, I’m not bitter about that one; not at all.

That being said, White Brand is not one of my favorite Nitta releases. It’s good and it’s going directly to the keeper shelf, but it’s not one that I’m drooling over. It doesn’t have some of the over-emotional storytelling that I’ve come to love nor the extremely graphic sex that has become one of Nitta’s hallmarks.

No, this is a collection of shorts about characters trying to find a place where they fit in and to find love at the same time. It’s sweet. In fact, sweet may be just about the perfect word to sum up this release–it’s not usually a word I associate with Nitta.

My favorite story revolved around the American who went to Japan to learn the art of lacquering. He apprentices with a Japanese master and proceeds to work his way up through the ranks even though all of the other apprentices think that he’s never going to make it solely because he’s an American and can’t truly understand the Japanese aesthetic.

However, the master’s son appreciates his American guest and wants to see him succeed. Well, okay, he wants to do more than see him succeed–he wants to get fucked five ways to Sunday, but as this is a fairly non-graphic release, so we’re concentrating on his PG-rated wants.

Now, of course our young man gets what he wants and our American finds success. So, we have a happy ending, but there are all of these angsty little bits that make me want to care about the characters and their happiness. This is why this one is staying on my keeper shelf.

Say what you want about Nitta. I’m going to keep following her work, hoping that she’s learned her lesson and will make a return to manga soon.

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