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23rd Feb 2009

Where Has Love Gone?

Rating: ♦♦

I have to admit to liking salarymen more than I like schoolboys. Even though the angst and the drama is just aged a few years, workforce romances ring a bit more true to me than tales of blushing first love. Of course I would have enjoyed it more if the story was better, but I guess I can’t ask for everything.

It’s your typical straight-man rapes gay-man and finds that he likes it kind of story. I always want to shake the poor ukes in stories like this and yell at them to stand up for themselves. However, if they were standing up for themselves, they wouldn’t be moaning and mewling in bliss, so it’s a trade off I’ll have to live with.

Our uke-boy, Takayama, has done a pretty good job of hiding the fact that he’s gay from his co-workers until the night that his co-worker, Ishikawa, catches him in the embrace of another man. Ishikawa decides to use this knowledge to his benefit and screws Takayama silly when he decides that the pressure at work has become too much. Eventually, as could be expected, they find that they’re better together than they are apart and ride off into the happy yaoi-land sunset.

I just keep wanting manga with some meat in it. Something that’s going to make me think and get me involved mentally instead of just showing me pictures that get me kind of hot. I need my brain to be involved to get really hot and this manga just didn’t do it for me.

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