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22nd May 2008

When Worlds Collide

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

There are a lot of BL fans out there who turn their noses at any and all OEL (Original English Language) stories. I guess they feel that if it doesn’t come out of Japan or doesn’t have ‘manga’ style boys, then it isn’t any good. That’s truly a shame because they’re going to miss out on some great releases.

I, for one, really don’t give two shits about the country of origin when it comes to my boys love stories. I just want them well written, well drawn and to let me escape from my real life. If they can do all of the above, then I am a happy girl.

When Worlds Collide satisfies all of my criteria. I admit that I was first interested in the anthology because one of my favorite artists, Liv Lingborn, had illustrated one of the stories. Tina Anderson wrote the story about a Vietnam vet who picks up a hitchhiking hippie in the early 70s and the night that they share together. Anderson never sticks to safe subjects. One of the things I’ve always respected about her stories was the fact that they always make me think. You can never just absorb one of her stories and walk away. The combination of these two together is a complete knock out. Absolutely stellar work.

Then there’s the story by Danielle Kelley with art by Wendell Cavalcanti and Carlos Alberto. It’s just a basic high-school love story, but it’s illustrated in this 1950s comics style that truly makes the story come alive. The style is certainly not what I was expecting, but it works with the story. I was rooting for the boys and getting nostalgic for my days of comic book collecting.

And then there’s the story of the boy who becomes a birthday present; and the story of the kidnapped nobleman who finds true happiness with his captors; and the vampire who’s falling for the boy he took in to pay off a debt. All of which are addicting.

Iris Print has a talent for picking out the best of the best. I haven’t been disappointed with a release by them yet.

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