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30th Mar 2009

The Way to Heaven

Rating: ♦♦♦

I love crack-like manga. Especially stories that really shouldn’t work because the premise is too far-fetched, yet it all pulls together. Throw in art that’s just short of gorgeous and you’ve got a winning release. Don’t expect this release to make any sort of sense, mind you. Just go along for the ride.

Moriya and Watase were both supposed to die at the edge of a busy freeway overpass. They were plucked from death by an alien being who has plans for the helpless duo. The plans will ultimately save the world, but require the boys to collect energy.

One, as a werewolf collecting semen. The other, as a vampire collecting blood. Don’t ask. It’s an excuse to draw gratuitous blowjob scenes. But, wait; there’s more. The boys end up re-living the same day the in past over and over again, trying to find a way to make a change in their present. The problem lies in making the changes. Will it destroy the fragile bond they’ve built together or will changing the past bring them to their final death with no hope of an alien intervention?

The art in this release reminded me a lot of Makoto Tateno of Yellow and Hero Heel fame–both in the art style and the insanity of the plot. It’s a fun, fluffy romp with some over-the-top drama. And, sometimes that’s all I want in a release.

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