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22nd May 2008

Wagamama Kitchen

Rating: ♦♦♦

I was all set to dislike this compilation, given that the first story was giving off some serious shota vibes. Even though the character in question says he’s seventeen, he fully admits to being smaller than normal, and he definitely does not act his age.

The whole thing left me feeling slightly creepy. I just don’t like young or young-acting characters in sexual situations. The young character’s name is Takashi. He’s been in love with his older, next-door neighbor, Wakana for years now. He’s been harboring his love even after he moved out of the neighborhood. When they meet again, years later, Wakana pretends that he doesn’t know Takashi.

When they boys were younger they used to play kissing games with each other. Takashi’s mother thought that Wakana was a bad influence, so she moved her son away. Turns out that Wakama had lustful feelings for Takashi ever since Takashi was very young. The boys end up getting together and finding their happy-ever-afters, but they still slightly creep me out. No shota for the Cyn, thank you very much.

The other story in the compilation I found much less creepy. Kurmaki, a serious salaryman, has a bad habit of falling in love with straight men. Naoto is an artist who he met when Naoto was moonlighting as an office repairman is the object of his affections. Lots of objections to overcome before these boys can find their happy-ever-afters as well.

It’s a nice compilation, for people who are not creeped out by a young-acting protagonist and the fact that this kid is in a sexual relationship with someone who is much older than he is. I’m sure a lot of people will find it cute that the characters managed to maintain their feelings from childhood, but the whole thing just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

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