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09th Aug 2009

Unsophisticated and Rude

Rating: ♦♦♦

Again, I’m faced with a release where it’s not really bad, but it bores me to tears. It’s another anthology collection. A well done anthology collection–one with nice art work and fairly good stories, but it’s an anthology collection. And, I’m heartily sick of those.

This artist is quite good. I spent a good amount of time admiring how she drew feet, as there were a couple of good scenes of boys humping with heels turned up to the ceiling. Feet have always been something I failed at drawing, so I notice it when someone manages to get the curves and the shadows drawn properly. I’m just slightly disappointed in a manga when the best thing I can say about it is that the artist can draw feet well.

It is cute. It’s sweet and some of the stories are very well done. But, like a lot of releases from June, we’ve all seen this before. I’m tired of twenty-page stories. I want a story that takes up one full book. Hell, get crazy and release something that has more than one volume, so we have time to get some character development in.

It’s a shame that this comes out when I’m so sick and tired of releases like this because the art really is pretty good. It’s something I would have liked more if I wasn’t so sick of seeing similar releases. I really enjoyed the anthology of her earlier work, Manhattan Love Story, but that had more to do with the nostalgic charm of the release and the fact that the stories were all interconnected, outweighing my bitch-fest over anthologies.

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