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17th Sep 2010

The Tyrant Falls in Love 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I have been waiting for this one! I had adored these characters when we were introduced to them in the Challengers series, and was very disappointed when I learned that DQ wasn’t going to be able to publish the sequel, The Tyrant Falls in Love. Then DMP came to the rescue, and bought the license, so we have the wonder and absurdity that makes this series so damn great. And, by damn great, I mean morally reprehensible and fantastically pervy.

Tatsumi is the older brother of the sweet Tomoe Tatsumi, whom we met in Challengers, and ran off with the ‘gay’ Kurokawa. Tatsumi has never forgiven Kurokawa for corrupting his sweet and innocent younger brother, and this manafests in him hating all ‘gays’, including his assistant, Morinaga. Now, Morinaga, has confessed his love for Tatsumi, to his face – and survived it.

So, for five years, Morinaga has been in love with this homicidal, fanatical, lunatic, and appears to be happy to suffer in silence, until one of his friends gives him an aphrodisiac to try on Tatsumi. Morinaga is horrified by the thought, and hides the bottle away, never planning on using it.

Of course, this being a BL manga, a night of drinking (set off by the news that Tomoe is going to marry his beloved Kurokawa, and Morinaga’s refusal to let Tatsumi blow the USA to smithereens) leads to Tatsumi downing the whole bottle, and Morinaga having to sleep with him – for purely medical reasons, of course.

Now, as you might have guessed, this does not endear Morinaga to Tatsumi the next morning. Yet, Tatsmui can’t quite bring himself to hate Morinaga. He even finds himself worrying about Morinaga when he drops off the face of the earth for a few weeks.

It’s a manga that I have far too much fun reading, and if the release of the second volume gets delayed, I am going to be a very cranky Cyn, indeed.

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