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22nd May 2008

Truly Kindly

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

This is it. I think we’ve finally reached the end of the list when it comes to Fumi Yoshinaga releases. I’ve checked all my Japanese import sites and we’ve brought over everything there is to bring over. Hopefully, she’ll write more soon, so we have more of her crack-like stories to devour.

This is another collection of one-shots. The first one is insanely creepy. There isn’t a happy ending in any of these stories and I have a lot of respect for that. Yes, I want happy endings, but having an author who can tell a very non-traditional story, make it work, make me sad and think is a damn good thing.

We also have the first appearance of Claude and Antoine, who have further adventures in Lovers In The Night. I just love the way Fumi Yoshinaga draws characters from the French Revolution. What can I say, I love boys in lace and breeches. There’s also a gorgeous story set prior to the Meiji Restoration. I’m a sucker for boys in traditional Japanese clothes.

The entire book is all-around wonderful and definitely worth a look. I’m of the firm opinion that Fumi Yoshinaga should be part of every BL fan’s collection, but that’s mostly just to drive up sales and convince her to write more!

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