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22nd May 2008

Sweet Revolution

Rating: ♦♦♦

House spirits? Check. Angst? Check. Love that can survive all obstacles? Check. Welcome to the world of Sweet Revolution.

The first collection of stories revolve around the heir to a dragon clan, Tatsuki, and a house spirit, Ohta, who have managed to stay together throughout the decades. It appears to be an abusive relationship at first, but once you peel back the layers you see that there is actual caring in the relationship. Tatsuki, being a member of the dragon clan who is living in the human world, needs the chi around him cleaned on a regular basis. Ohta cleans his chi. Through physical contact, of course.

It just didn’t ring true for me though. I found the first collection of stories to be slightly confusing. The story did not flow very well and I kept having to go back and re-read pages to make sure I knew which character was doing what to whom. It’s cute and it’s sweet and the characters were all very nice, but it just didn’t grab my attention.

Sadly, the part that did grab my attention was the story about the Tatsuki’s father, the head of the dragon clan. The father did not want to accept the relationship between Tatsuki and Ohta, stating that there needed to be a heir to the clan and a forbidden relationship like their’s was the reason he was wasting away. I wanted to know more about the father’s forbidden relationship.

I’m afraid that my favorite part in this book was the short story included at the end, “An Unseen Force”. It’s about a house spirit, Iori, that takes human form and is left the family’s house as an inheritance when the patriarch of the family passes away. The mother wants the house for her son, Akihiko, and isn’t going to let a silly thing like an inheritance stand in her way. Iori has to convince Akihiko that he is a house spirit and that he does care for him. It’s very bitter sweet and very well done.

Some of you may remember the artist in this book, Yukine Honami, from her work in Desire. I enjoyed her work then and I enjoy it now. I would love to see her illustrating something with a better story.

DMP, as usual, has done a great job with the presentation. I just wish they would leave in the honorifics. There is so much about the characters relationships that we lose when they drop the honorifics. It’s something I really miss when it’s left out of the translation. I think by now most manga readers know what the honorifics mean. If they don’t, it’s easy enough to add a page that explains them. Don’t dumb the manga down for the readers. It just makes them cranky.

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