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22nd May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I’m really tired of anthologies. Really, really tired. I want stories I can actually sink my teeth into. After this release, I’m still not thrilled with anthologies, but the quality that shone through made me a little less cranky. It was the art that first won me over. The faces are so expressive!

The first story revolves around Yamada, a convenience-store clerk, who does not believe in true love or love at first sight. That is until he has a particular gentleman come through his checkout line. Yamada just wants to ignore his feelings, though, because he doubts he will ever see the man again.

However, the next day Yamada is knocked ass over teakettle by a black labrador retriever. Once Yamada gets over being dazed, he finds that the dog’s owner is none other than the gentleman from the day before. Not only does the mystery man have feelings for Yamada, but the dog seems pretty enamored with him too!

All the stories are endearing and warm and, hell, they made me smile. There’s nothing groundbreaking in this release, but the quality of the art and stories just make me happy. So what if we’ve seen this before in different packaging? This is some damn nice packaging. If they were all like this, I wouldn’t be so cranky!

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