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23rd May 2008

Rising Storm

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Rising Storm is an early work from the manga-ka who brought us Brother. While it is fairly evident that this is an early work, and that most of the stories are excuses to show pretty boys screwing madly, it’s still fairly enjoyable.

First off we’ve got the short story collection that gives the book it’s title. “Rising Storm” is about a young black belt who ends up working for a wealthy recluse for the summer. A chance meeting leads to exaggerated clumsiness and lots of screwing madly.

“A Yokohama Story” revolves around a dentist who has never felt passion and the young waiter who’s teeth he becomes obsessed with checking for cleanliness. The dentist story is very cute. I think it’s my favorite in this collection. I’m a sucker for the cold, unfeeling guys who lose it when they get exposed to sex.

“Killing Me Tenderly” was the only short story that really felt off to me. The violence in the story didn’t seem to mesh well with the light-hearted fare that was found in the rest of the book. I’m sure that it will appeal to some people, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea.

I don’t know how Drama Queen did it, but they managed to get the original, uncensored version of this book. No glowing cones of light, no white strips blocking out the important bits, these are full-blown erections, drawn in all their glory. It’s fun and it’s filthy. It may not have the in-depth plot that some of my other favorites, but it’s a fun read. Really, that’s all I’m looking for with my manga.

Way to go, Drama Queen. We’ve got a book that’s well-translated, has a dust cover and the full color insert. They kept all the honorifics in, as well as the cultural references. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this company will be bringing over for us.

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