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23rd May 2008

Rin! 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Like most of us, I was introduced to Rin! though scanlations of the series. I did not make the connection at that time that the book was written by the writer of Only the Ringfinger Knows and illustrated by the artist behind Desire. No wonder this series is so sweetly addicting.

We’ve got Katsura, a young man suffering from anxiety attacks that can only be cured by a hug from his brother’s best friend, Sou. Now Katsura, Katsura’s brother and Sou all are on the school’s archery team.

As Katsura begins to rise through the ranks, his anxiety attacks become more acute. Sou keeps on giving him hugs grudgingly, but is there more to his feelings than just caring about his best friend’s brother? Add in the fact that Katsura is also having to deal with the advances that his teammate, Kouichi, is making on him and the anxiety attacks grow worse. Katsura is left facing the fact that he really cares more for Sou than he probably should.

This is schoolboy romance the way it should be done. Light, sweet and melt-your-heart perfect. Never mind the fact that in reading Rin! you get a crash course in Japanese-style archery. It’s not surprising that this series has been a fan favorite for a good long while now.

Happily, June has started leaving in the honorifics. It makes a much more pleasurable read. (Now if we could only get them to quit translating ‘big brother’!) Thank you so much, June, for listening to the fans and for starting to give us manga in the format as close to the original as possible.

While not graphic in the least, Rin! is a welcome addiction to any fan’s collection. A lot of the books released for the 16+ crowd leave me feeling empty, however, this series has the whole package. A sticky-sweet love story, unrequited lust and teenage angst all wrapped up with storytelling that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.

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