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16th Feb 2009

Red Blinds the Foolish

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Est Em seems to be the breath of fresh air that I need to keep me interested in this genre. I’m sorry. I do love my boys humping, but there are only so many tales of school-boy angst that I can take before my brain feels like it’s leaking out of my ears. However, I pick up a release like this and it reminds me of just why I do this and why I love this genre. I like the fact that her works make me think, don’t always have a happy ending and skillfully handle subjects that some people might not think would be friendly for happy, hot boysex.

The title story revolves around a matador and the butcher who takes care of his kills. Bullfighting has never been sexy for me, but I can see the fascination. It’s not a truly happy story and you’re left wanting to know exactly what happens to these two characters, if they’re able to salvage their relationship and still able keep the important parts of who they are.

There are stories about love that is lost, love that struggles and love that is just warm and accepting. These stories feel more real than anything I’ve ever read before.

Buy this one. I don’t care if you ignore the rest of the suggestions that I’ve made or am going to make. If you’re tired of the constant parade of fluffy stories with no substance and are getting tired of the whole damn genre, this one will remind you of why this genre can be great.

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