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23rd May 2008

Pleasure Dome

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I really wasn’t expecting to like this book. Hell, even after the first story I didn’t like it. I thought it was going to be all extreme sadism and other things of that nature, just loosely strung into a plot. Then I read the second story and the twist at the end got me; same with the rest of the stories in the book.

That’s when it hit me. The stories included in this collection are prime examples of what can happen when you let your imagination take over without fear of reprisal. I know when I let my imagination roam free, I can come up with some pretty twisted stories. They’re stories that are just for me and really are not fit for consumption by the rest of the world. They’re violent, dirty and unforgivably angsty. There are insane plot-twists and character relationships that should never really see the light of day. They’re my stories and they’re only meant to get me off.

Megumu Minami has put some of her stories of that nature to paper and then shared them with all of us. I have an insane amount of respect for that. It turns something that I thought was going to be tawdry and slightly foolish into something that I am going to enjoy re-reading. I know that the stories are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I also know that there are a lot of people who are not going to enjoy violent stories like these.

Hell, normally I’m not a fan of violent stories, except in the deep, dark recesses of my mind where I find I kind of like my boys being forced into pleasure. If it was just the whole being forced into pleasure thing, it wouldn’t work for me. It’s the angsty twists; the way that she has of ending a story and leaving you thinking about it for a few moments before you can move on to the next story.

I’m not going to say that she’s one of my new favorite artists, but I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye out for some more of her works!

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