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23rd May 2008

Play Boy Blues 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Welcome to the world of host clubs. Sexy men are everywhere and they all want to woo you. I could go for that. I have thing for men of hosts clubs. Okay, I have thing for beautiful men in general. So, I suppose I’m already biased. Heh, when am I not?

Anyway, meet Shinobu and Junsuke. Shinobu is a former host who left the clubs to become a construction worker. Junsuke was talked into joining Shinobu as a host and still is one. Since they share an apartment, they both know what the other is doing. Or do they?

There is some serious jealousy and possessiveness between Junsuke and Shinobu. These emotions they have don’t truly become apparent until you see the looks they give each other and the simple way they skirt around issues.

That is until Junsuke comes right out and says, “Admit that you’ve fallen for me. Do that for me… and I’ll stay with you forever.” Of course, Shinobu won’t admit love. At least, not yet. But we all know it’s clearly a matter of time with both of them.

Shiuko Kano is a great artist and storyteller. I like how the relationship between Junsuke and Shinobu slowly unfolds for the reader. I like how she incorporates the past into the present. Let me not forget the art. Oh, the art. The art is beautiful, fluid and expressive. The sex is not gratuitous, but actually helps move the story and deepens the relationship. Well, and it’s pretty hot too.

There’s a short story in the back about a construction business. Kano’s… obsession with hot construction workers is something I can relate to. Don’t we all like seeing sexy boys completely sweaty and dirty? Oh, yes, we do. Don’t we all like watching the same dirty boys get cleaned up in the shower together? Hey, now that’s even better.

I think Be Beautiful did a great job with Play Boy Blues. No, there are no full-color inserts. However, there are the honorifics and a very good translation. I highly recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys high quality BL.

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