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24th May 2008

Our Kingdom 1

Rating: ♦♦

Akira Nonaka just lost his grandmother who he believed to be his only relative. In comes Okumiya of the Takatou family and informs Akira that he has more relatives. Akira, having no place to go, follows Okumiya to the Takatou’s mansion. There he meets a cute blond named Rei and his other grandmother.

You can kind of guess at the rest. This is DMP, so it’s mild BL. Our Kingdom is sweet though. It’s a light read. It’s predictable and definitely geared for the much younger BL lovers which is why I’m confused at the 16+ rating. I guess DMP’s covering their proverbial ass.

I do have a problem with this translation, however. DMP left off the honorifics. That’s right! No kuns, no sans, or even sempais! It was jarring and ended up sounding rather silly.

I’ll be honest here. Our Kingdom is not for the big girls. If more mature titles appeal to you, stay away from this. You’ll probably be disappointed.

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