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24th May 2008

Ordinary Crush 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

As cute as this release is, I’m just tired of school-boy romances. Damn, I never thought that would ever come out of my mouth or that I would type that out. Usually, I love school stories. There’s so many excuses for perversion! But I just don’t know how many more sweet, lovely stories with not that much sex that I can take. Dammit, after all the angst and drama I want some down and dirty smut!

So, this story takes place at the Kinsei Private School, an all-boys school, where 90% of the population is rumored to be either gay or bisexual. Enter in one straight boy who’s actually there for the education and not to find a piece of ass. He decides to make one of his seniors an offer: pretend to be my boyfriend and we’ll deflect away all the unwanted attention, so we can pay attention to more important things.

But you know how these stories go, our senior may be hiding feelings, and the feelings just may be reciprocated.

All in all, it’s really not a bad release. I’m really quite fond of the art style. It’s detailed, but sketchy and the expressions on the characters’ faces are wonderful. I think I’m just burnt out on school-boys. If you’re not burnt out on school-boys, then there’s a hell of a lot to like in this one!

The redeeming part of this release is the fact that the author can tell a damn good story. I wasn’t that into the main story, but the extra story about the android and his cranky owner got me. Why stories about androids fascinate me is still a mystery, but I’m happy to go with the fascination. It usually brings me to very good things.

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