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28th Sep 2008

One Night Lesson

Rating: ♦♦

Oh, this one was bad. It wasn’t bad enough that I wanted to throw the book across the room in a rage, but it was bad enough that I would put the book down and glare at it for a while, expressing my extreme displeasure, before I would be able to go forward with my reading.

This is a collection of shorts revolving around the trials and tribulations of young love, which should be cute if it didn’t involve such outlandish plot twists and over the top drama. But, Cyn, this is BL! Shouldn’t you be used to outlandish plot twists and over the top drama by now? Yes, indeed! And, a lot of the time I embrace the crack that spews out of the BL genre, but there has to be some substance to back up the crack and this is sadly lacking.

Ryu and Sakura are classmates and rivals. When Ryu meets his classmates apparent twin, who makes advances towards him, Ryu gets seriously confused.

Come on. Evil twins and/or split personalities? I thought we got rid of those plot contrivances when we said goodbye to the 80s. So, Ryu now has to figure out which is the true Sakura and how to break through to win his heart.

I don’t want this in my BL. I want plots that are far-fetched, but believable. I want sex that makes me hot instead of bringing out my inner feminazi. I want characters that make me want to cheer instead of making me want to shake some sense into them.

I really didn’t want to get this cranky with this release, but in going over it again to write the review I’m just getting fed up with the whole thing. June has a lot of good, quality releases that are available for purchase. This is not one of them.

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