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26th Oct 2008

Mister Mistress 2

Rating: ♦♦

I’m starting to think that this series would have fared much better as a one shot. It’s cute and all, but we’re going over the same information that we went over in the first volume. Rei is an incubus and feeds off of the lust that flows off of Fujimaru. Fujimaru doesn’t want to be looked at as a snack and would much rather be humping females. So, he rebuffs Rei even as he accepts being molested. Fujimaru looks for ways to be rid of Rei, up to and including exorcism, but Rei’s not giving up on a sure and easy meal.

Yeah. So, this is the same thing we saw in the first volume with a few minor twists thrown in. We find out that Rei was cursed by a witch for cheating on her, and that one of the members of the exorcism club was a succubus that was cursed into being a male and now has it in for Rei.

I don’t mind rehashing some of the same themes, but when you’re doing the same thing over and over again, it gets a bit tedious. At this point, I’m not even sure if I want to put the money into getting the third volume. What’s the point of me throwing away ten dollars when I’m just going to end up writing a cranky review, then giving the book away at a yaoi panel? I’m all about supporting the fandom and supporting the companies who make it possible for me to have gorgeous men fucking in my books, but I don’t like to waste my money.

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03rd Aug 2008

Mister Mistress 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

Okay, I like stories about demons. Sue me. I like anything that revolves around supernatural creatures. Throw in boys that might possibly sprout wings at some point in the future and I am one happy girl. So what if the story is somewhat lackluster? So what if it’s a story that has been told before? It’s got an incubus and pretty art. I’m happy.

So, we have high school student, Fujimaru, whom, like almost every other high-school-aged boy in the world, is horny as hell. Unlike every other horny teenaged boy in the world, though, Fujimaru has an incubus who has decided that Fujimaru is his chosen meal. This means getting Fujimaru off in every way imaginable. Yes, there’s an appearance by a tentacle monster. I surprised myself with how much I liked it.

Now, it seems that Fujimaru’s grandfather took in the young incubus and let him dwell in his dreams. After Grandfather’s passing, the incubus, Rei, hung around, waiting to see if he could find another meal. Fujimaru’s wet dreams fit the bill.

When Fujimaru comes into the picture, life is good for Rei. However, Fujimaru has a few objections to being used as demons meal, especially a male demon! A male demon with a large cock that Fujimaru is seriously scared of ripping him in two.

All right, it’s been done before, and I’m usually cranky about that, but given that this is one of my favorite kinks. The fact that it’s done well and with a lighthearted sense of glee about the subject matter, I’m going to let the things that make me cranky pass and enjoy this one for the crack-like substance that it is!

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