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12th Dec 2008

Meeting You

Rating: ♦♦

I wanted to like this one because even though I’m really not fond of this artists style. I didn’t hate her other release, Love Me Sinfully, that Drama Queen brought over. However, looking at her style again I just can’t get past the odd proportions and angles. Top that off with a pretty crappy-ass plot and I’m not at all happy with this release. There’s nothing that really made me angry–it wasn’t bad enough for me to really want to start ranting–just kind of boring.

It could have been saved if the art was better, but this artist really doesn’t have the chops to compete with some of the other manga-ka that are being published over here. This week I’m reviewing books by Toko Kawai and Hinako Takanaga and Mio Tonnohji just can’t compare.

First, we have Himeshiro, who’s a bit of a slut. He’s known for never saying no to anyone–male or female. When Touru asks him out, Himeshiro immediately says yes, but dating isn’t the only thing on his mind. He’s got a battery of tests to put Touru through to see if his intentions are pure.

Now, Touru isn’t the most aggressive of people. The blurb on the back of the release calls him shy and timid. I’m hard pressed to find another way of describing him. Well, a virgin, blushing school-girl with a penis would be another way of describing him, but shy and timid works.

Timid little Touru goes along and passes every test that Himeshiro throws at him. Proving that his love is pure and that the best thing for Himeshiro would be to date him exclusively, pop his cherry and sail straight off into happy-ever-after land.

Yeah, there’s nothing really new and different here. Just a plot we’ve seen before and some really awkward facial expressions. 801 has some amazing stuff in their catalogue. This doesn’t live up to the quality I expect from them.

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