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14th Dec 2009

Love Skit

Rating: ♦♦

I really wanted to like this release more than I did. The art was really well done, and the story wasn’t too silly, but it just didn’t gel. It was just kind of fluffy with no underlying substance to make me care about the characters.

There’s Aoto, who’s left alone in the world after his sisters death. He transfers his affections to his brother in law, Takashi, who seems oblivious to Aoto’s feelings. There’s Takashi’s friend Masayuki who decides that he’s madly in love with Aoto, even though Aoto does not return his feelings.

It’s kind of cute, and has some nice graphic moments, but in all honesty, this didn’t make me that happy.

I guess I’ve been spoiled with a lot of 801’s releases; they’re usually graphic, have a decent plot and make me all kinds of happy. When I find one that’s graphic, and has a plot that’s just okay, I compare it to the ones that I’ve loved, and just find them lacking.

It’s cute, and it’s something that people will enjoy, I just want something with more substance.

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