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24th Mar 2010


Rating: ♦♦♦

I just like assassins. I don’t really care what shape or form they’re in, I just like them. So, a story revolving around a runaway from a secret government lab, and the assassin who takes him in, makes me a very happy Cyn. Oh, and did I mention that this young runaway has ESP? All the things that make me happy in one release.

Keigo is mainly known as a private detective, but moonlights as an assassin for hire. As he’s returning home one night, he finds a smelly, disheveled waif on his doorstep. He takes the boy in, offers him a bath and crash space for the night. Surprisingly, the boy then asks him if he can stay there indefinitely. Keigo is a bit flummoxed by this, but after the waif points him in the right direction on a case, he agrees.

Emiya, our little waif, just has something about him that charms the crap out of him. It’s a good thing that he’s charming, too, as he’s useless around the house. It turns out that Emiya is a refugee from a government lab. He has the ability to ascertain information about a person, just by touching an object.

Now, obviously, the secret government project wants their little lab-rat back. The problem is that as the relationship between Keigo and Emiya has blossomed, Emiya has lost his powers. True love has wiped him clean, and restored him to being a regular human.

My main complaints with this one, is that things got wrapped up too neatly. I know that Happy Ever Afters are the norm in this genre, but when you’ve got assassins and secret government agencies, I expect there to be ongoing conflict. One feeble kidnapping attempt just doesn’t ring true for me.

Even with that complaint, it’s cute, and kinda fluffy – even with the assassin. I’m not sure I’m madly in love with this one, but it did make me smile. Most days, that’s really all I want my manga to do.

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