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24th May 2008

Love Circumstances

Rating: ♦♦♦

Let me start off by saying that the art is really good in this release. It’s crisp, clean, pretty and has its moments of happy smut. That being said, the stories are fairly forgettable. Now, I usually read the books I’m going to review a few days before I actually write the review.

Oh, I make some mental notes while I’m reading, but I usually like to let the story percolate through my little brain before I try to put words down. However, I had to sit and re-read this entire release because I had forgotten everything about it. It blended in with all of the other schoolboy romances that I’ve read. It’s pretty and it’s hot, but it’s just not that memorable.

We start off with Yamaguchi and Takagari. Two best friends who have decided to try dating. One problem, Yamaguchi can’t see why Takagari’s so enamored with him. These insecurities are getting in the way of Takagari getting what he wants: which is nothing more than wild-hot-monkey sex. Once they get that out of the way, there’s the problem of getting Yamaguchi to vocalize his feelings.

It really is cute and the art is better than in most releases that I see, but there was nothing special to make it stick out in my mind. Maybe it’s me; maybe I should lay off the schoolboy romances and teenage angst for a while. Pick it up if you want some mindless, fluffy smut that will make you grin without having to think too hard.

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