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24th May 2008

Love a la Carte

Rating: ♦♦♦

Ah, the joys of photography. Izumi likes photography; so much so that he joined the Photography Club at school. Little does he know that someone loves to snap a picture of him more than the scenery. This is where I introduce Shino’oka. Yup, Shino’oka is the guilty party. Well, for the most part. All the Photography Club thinks that Izumi is a cutie pie.

The premise is predictable. Before Shino’oka can make a move on Izumi during a club vacation, a fellow member gets a little, uh, fresh. Shino’oka saves the day and actually goes back to his room! So noble!

Or is Shino’oka merely biding his time?

The first thing I will admit to is not being able to tell the characters apart when they’re drawn as a group. The older characters look alike and the younger ones are the same. It may have something to do with the personalities as well. I understand this is a one-shot, so it’s difficult to infuse each character with depth.

Some of the drawings were so glowed out during the sex it confused me. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on in some frames. There’s fine line between being soft and being completely obscured. Minami crossed that line many times during the sex scenes.

I’m not going to recommend this manga to people who love more mature works. This is for the younger crowd. Love a la Carte is fun and cheeky, but I think folks who like series like Viewfinder or Embracing Love will be disappointed.

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