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24th May 2008

Lost Boys

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

All Mizuki wanted was a quiet night at home. He certainly wasn’t expecting to be swept off to Neverland by Air, the leader of the Lost Boys who’s looking for someone to play ‘father’ to the boys. He wasn’t expecting fairy dust and he definitely wasn’t expecting to get stuck in Neverland because he’s forgotten how to dream. He also wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Air. Which complicates everything.

Mizuki wants none of this ‘father’ business. He didn’t really have a father growing up and doesn’t see how he could be any kind of ‘father’ to the motley crew that Air has collected. Since Mizuki’s stuck there, he resigns himself to helping out and getting along with everyone there. At least until they can figure out how to get him back home. While he’s there he finds himself being drawn to Air.

Now, Air is just looking for someone to remember him. All of his boys grow up and forget all about him and Neverland. Mizuki promises to remember him and seals it with a kiss. After that their relationship starts to change subtly. Mizuki begins to realize just how much Air means to him.

It’s just completely endearing. I liked all of the characters but there were really two things that just made the story for me. First of all was the pain-in-the-ass, smart-mouthed fairy, Reux, and the landlocked pirates who have turned away from their pirate ways to the ‘service industry’. Silly pirates. Don’t you know you’re supposed to be stealing/drinking the rum not serving it to customers!

And just a note to the pirate captain: you really should just run away with the pretty Indian brave. Have mad hot boysex. Trust me. You’ll thank me for this one later.

It’s lighter fare than I’m usually drawn to, but the quality of the characterization and the art just sucked me in. While it’s not going to be a modern classic of the genre any time soon, it’s well worth your money if you want something that’s just going to leave you with a smile on your face.

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