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19th Nov 2009

Liberty Liberty!

Rating: ♦♦♦

I really enjoy Hinako Takanaga’s art. This is a very good thing, because her art saved this release. It’s a cute story. It’s fluffy and light, and something that pretty easy to forget, five minutes after you’ve read it. It’s nowhere near as good, or as madcap, as some of her other releases. Maybe I’m just cranky because this release is void of almost all physical interaction between the two male leads. I like my boys, I like them to be humping. One chaste kiss does not make me happy.

There’s Itaru, who’s running away from his problems, and Kouki who keeps coming to his rescue. Kouki finds Itaru after he’s passed out drunk in a garbage strewn alleyway. In the process of coming to Itaru’s rescue, Itaru manages to destroy Kouki’s video camera.

This being manga-land, Kouki takes the drunken sot to his apartment to sober up. He then informs Itaru that he now has to give Kouki money to replace the camera.

Now, Itaru, being unemployed, and on the run from his problems, has no way of repaying Kouki. Itaru, trying to find a way to repay his debt, starts following Kouki around like a little lost puppy dog. We then find out that Kouki works for a struggling local TV station. Throw in a transvestite news reporter, and things get interesting.

It’s cute, but there’s no real substance. I didn’t get sucked into the mental state where I believe in the characters and all of their impossible situations. I found myself just flipping through to the end, and enjoying the art.

I’m all for bringing over all of the manga that we can, but I don’t think we should bring over everything a popular artist has done, unless the quality of the release is as high as the works that made them popular in the first place.

I guess it could have been worse, they could have been school boys.

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