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26th May 2008

King of Debt

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I’m usually not as fond of anthologies as I am of series, but sometimes it is nice to have a collection of short, sweet works. Especially ones peppered with bits of angst and spiced with some very hot sex.

In the first story, we have Souta, who is in a bit of a bind. You see, he’s always lending money to his best friend, Taketora, and never gets paid back. Oh, he tries to say no to Taketora, but it’s hard to say no when faced with puppy-dog eyes. Taketora pays him back in little ways, like picking up dish detergent, and things like that, when he notices that Souta is out, but never pays him back in cold, hard cash.

Now, Souta’s in big trouble after losing his job, so he decides to track down Taketora and collect on some of what he’s owed. What he finds shocks him. Instead of Taketora living in squalor, he’s living in a very nice apartment, driving a flashy car and wearing designer suits.

It seems that Taketora has been investing the money that he borrowed from Souta and has made a very decent return on his investment. But why keep borrowing from Souta And why, instead of paying him back, is he offering up his body instead?

Throw in tales about teddy-bears who come to life, angsty boxers, angry hosts and I am a pretty happy Cyn. Top that all off with some very nice artwork and I’m even happier.

While I still like my long, drawn-out and involved series more, there’s definitely something to be said about short stories that are of this high quality.

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