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26th May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦

This is another early work from the manga-ka who brought us Yellow and Hero Heel. The art is pretty, but it’s rather obvious that this is an early work. Her storytelling skills improved greatly by the time she released Yellow. Still, it’s a sweet story.

Kaoru and Ryuugo are cousins and are summoned to the family home to speak with the matriarch of their family who’s holding onto a sizable inheritance. It seems that the old bat will only release the funds to the cousin who will marry her granddaughter. Since she wants the money to stay in the family, she picks out Kaoru and Ryuugo to be the lucky suitors.

As much as Kaoru and Ryuugo want to keep peace in the family, they’ve got to fight the growing attraction between them. The thought that dear granddaughter will keep them from ever being happy together makes them reluctant to court the heiress.

It’s cute and all, but it’s lacking a lot of the tug-at-your-heartstrings moments that made me fall in love with the characters in Yellow. I want true blue angst, sap and wild-hot-monkey sex. I’m not getting that from this release. I am, however, getting a warm happy feeling from reading a nice story with pretty illustrations and some nice smutty bits. I guess that’s going to be good enough for now.

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