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26th Oct 2008

Kabuki 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

This one kind of surprised me. I was expecting to like it, then halfway through I didn’t like it at all. Then the last chapter threw me for a bit of a loop and now I really want to read the next volume to see what’s going to happen. I like being surprised like that. I just wish it happened more often.

This is an odd release which plays on one of my favorite themes–past lives and meeting up with people you knew before. In his past life, Kounosuke was a samurai who was madly in love with his male page. After the fortress they were at was attacked, Kounosuke committed suicide, promising to meet the page, Kageya, at some point in the future.

Enter in the modern Kounosuke. He’s recovering from a car accident and has lost his memory. Well, sort of. See, Konosuke remembers his past life as a samurai, but nothing about the life he was currently living in the modern age. He is very clear on one thing, though–he must find Kageya. To make things even more interesting, Kounosuke has three caretakers, three generations of Kageyas. So, he must now decide which Kageya is the reincarnation of his Kageya, before the fake Kageyas try to do him in.

When he finally discovers the true Kageya, things go along well except for the fact that Kageya seems to have no interest in him sexually. This gets frustrating after a bit and this is the part of the manga that lost me. It sucked me back in with the last chapter when we find out the reason behind some of Kageya’s coldness.

It’s pretty, well drawn and it seems to be an interesting story. I’m going to see where this one goes before I decide whether or not this one deserves to go on the keeper shelf or not. I think I’m going to end up really liking it because I enjoyed the other release by this artist that June put out, WARU, far too much.

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