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30th Aug 2010

Isle of Forbidden Love

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Duo Brand makes me happy. Boys in traditional Japanese outfits make me happy. Time traveling cops who fall in love with boys in traditional gear make me happy. So, all around, this release made me very happy.

Aki, is a Jittemochi, or a commoner with the authority to make arrests on behalf of the local police force, living in feudal Edo. While researching a murder, he spies a familiar face. It’s the man who rescued him from drowning twelve years ago – Yet the man won’t admit to it. And, this mystery man keeps showing up at murder scenes, and can explain the mysterious burned holes (bullet holes) in the bodies that Aki keeps finding.

Kuga is a modern day detective with a secret, and a fascination with Aki that can only lead to trouble.

It’s BL done in the best style, which Duo Brand seems to have mastered. Continuing to sing this releases’s praises will just lead to me either spoiling the release for you, or me repeating myself, so we’re going to keep this one short and sweet. Buy this one. It’s too much fun to leave mouldering at the store.

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