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26th Sep 2010

How to Control a Sidecar

Rating: ♦♦♦

Tateno is the perfect example of a manga artist taking a BL trope that I should be exhausted with, and managing to keep my interest all the way through.

In this release, we have the straight bartender, Kousaka, fending off seduction from the cute Fumi and bold Kanashiro. But, after Kousaka reads the two incorrectly, he ends up sending Fumi off, heartbroken, and ends up being raped by Kanashiro. Then after threatening Kanashiro with the police, finds that he misses the two of them, and ends up falling of Kanashiro.

Ahh, the wonders of BL, where rape leads to true love. You know, if this wasn’t done so well, I would be getting on my little feminist soap-box and ranting about how brutal rape is and how this is a trigger for so many people, and how we should never be using it as an element in fantasy… Yet, it is just a fantasy, and it’s something that Tateno handles deftly enough to make me look past it, and accept it as part of the BL fantasy.

This isn’t a great release. This is not going to end up on my list of top-ten manga that’s been released this year, but it was a fun read, and it was nice to get back to some of the characters that we were introduced to in How to Capture a Martini. I got a half an hour of happy, escapist fluff. Most of the time, that’s all I really want in a manga.

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