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28th Dec 2008

Hero Heel 3

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Oh, Makoto Tateno, how I adore thee. Your art is beautiful, your releases have graphic sex scenes and you suck me in with your convoluted plot twists. I’m always sad to see one of your series end, but I take comfort in the fact that you’re a fairly prolific artist, so I’ll always have something new to look forward to.

So, we’ve come to the last volume of Hero Heel. In this volume, we’ve got the series that the boys are acting in coming to a close. They’re getting ready to film the two-part series finale, but our main actors don’t seem to want to let it go. As you may remember, our two leads are really good at transforming their feelings for each other into meaningless sex and fake relationships with others while trying to keep the other one from knowing their true feelings.

Okay, lust like this has always been one of my buttons. I love the angst that’s involved with two characters wanting each other, but taking out their frustrations and wants on surrogate bodies. Don’t ask me why, but it just does it for me.

During the filming of the finale, Sawada is injured on set and does his best to hide the extent of his injury. Minami, being highly attuned to Sawada, because of course, Sawada is the one that he wants to be screwing, goes to make sure that Sawada is really okay. This prompts the guys to really examine their feelings and evaluate what it is that they’re hiding from.

There’s a happy ending and things all work out in the way that BL novels usually do. However, it’s a fun ride getting there and a ride that Tateno can take me on any day!

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27th May 2008

Hero Heel 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I have been waiting for this. More lovely, sexy angst with boys dressed in futuristic fantasy outfits.

When we last left our heroes, Minami and Sawada slept together. We were left wondering what was going to become of their relationship after Sawada gave Minami the cold shoulder after the night of fun. The two actors can still work together, but the negative emotions they feel towards each other come out in their acting. Good thing that their characters are archenemies.

After Minami goes through some more emotional upheaval at the hands of Sawada, he finds comfort in the arms of another costar, Katagiri. Katagiri isn’t exactly the person that Minami wants to sleep with, but Katagiri makes a good substitute since Sawada is unavailable.

As the story progresses, we get to see a bit into Sawada’s back story and that he was dumped horribly by a fellow actor who resembles Minami. Hmmm. Maybe there was more to Sawada saying that Minami wasn’t his type than he was letting on.

Things really get interesting when that fellow actor is brought in to play a guest role for a special on the series they’re working on. Instead of a love triangle, we’re looking at a square. Things get very messy very quickly.

I’m still hoping that Sawada and Minami get their heads out of their asses to figure out that they’re supposed to be banging each others’ brains out. Let the other two get together and go off into the happy yaoi-land sunset.

I can’t say that Makoto Tateno is my favorite artist. I like the style of a few other artists more, but, damn, if Tateno pulls off some of the best goddamned angst out there. Every time I sit down with one of her releases, I get sucked right in and end up caring far too much about her characters!

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27th May 2008

Hero Heel 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

This series is done by the creator of Yellow, so if you liked the art style in that, you’re going to be in for a real treat in this series.

Minami, an up and coming actor, gets talked into auditioning for the lead role in a space drama, Airguard Oreas. The show revolves around a goddess from the future coming to the present day and awakening warriors to save the world. I always like save-the-world stories, they just make me happy. Must have watched too many magical girl series in my formative years.

Of course, in this drama we’ve got to have an antagonist. Sawada, an actor with a bit more experience under his belt, is picked to play the role of the gorgeous general who is fighting on the side of evil.

Now our hero isn’t too keen on being in a space drama. He thinks he’s a bit too good for this kind of work. Consequently, he isn’t taking his position too seriously. Sawada is quick to point out all of his flaws. During the course of filming the first few episodes, Sawada manages to shame some great performances out of Minami. While this is good for the show, this does nothing to endear Sawada to Minami.

One night after work, Minami discovers that Sawada likes boys. It’s kind of hard to miss this fact when Sawada is kissing the boy in plain sight. After that night, Minami keeps discovering Sawada in dark corners with pretty boys. Mostly because Minami is constantly on the look out for it.

Eventually, Sawada gets tired of the scrutiny and decides to teach Minami a lesson by kissing him senseless. The plan works and leaves Minami questioning a lot of things about himself.

Through the magic of BL plot lines, Minami realizes that he is in love with Sawada and asks him to take him to bed to show him what male sex is all about. Now this whole time Sawada has been spouting off about how he would never fall for a guy like our intrepid hero, no way, no how.

He doth protest too much methinks.

So, Sawada takes him to bed. They have hot-monkey sex and our hero realizes just how much fun getting screwed into the mattress can be.

All is well and good until Sawada leaves him, telling him that he hopes he realizes now how empty sex is when there’s no feeling involved. We’ve now got our poor hero-boy left floundering because the sex wasn’t empty for him. He’s fallen and fallen hard for the general.

So very happy with this book. I’m really looking forward to the next installment. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to the next volume of a series coming out so much.

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