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28th Sep 2008

Heavenly Body

Rating: ♦♦

I wanted to like this one. Nothing makes me happier than angels and devils copulating with humans. I just like boys with wings. Sadly, this release didn’t hold up to the promise of pretty boys with wings banging other boys’ brains out. I spent the entire time I was reading this trying to figure out what was going on and just why this sucked so badly.

It’s the mix of bad plot and bad art that really did this one in. Now, this one was done by the artist who drew Love + Alphα and if you remember, I liked the art in that one. This must be an early work by the artist because all it reminded me of was some of the craptastic stuff we saw coming out in the 90s. Big-eyed uke-boy with no brain in his head and nary an expression on his face. The whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth because I was so disappointed.

Someday, some artist will do a release that has gorgeous angels and demon boys banging. It will have a plot that is hot enough to soak my panties and it will have art that will leave me drooling. Innocent Bird doesn’t count because it wasn’t nearly graphic enough for me.

There’s Hazumi, who’s roommates with Luke and Ray, two foreigners. Things are going well aside from Luke and Ray competing for his affections. Hazumi’s in for quite a surprise when he finds out that Luke and Ray are from a much more exotic locale than he expected. Luke is an angel and Ray’s a demon.

The only thing that amused me about this release was the fact that it was the angel who was doing his best to get into Hazumi’s pants and not the devil. I like the idea of horny angels. It makes me happy. There’s a deeper meaning to the erotic battle that Ray and Luke are waging. The person who gains Hazumi’s heart will win control of Earth for his angel or demon brethren.

It sounds more interesting than it really is. In all honesty, I’m very tired of scenes of blowjobs sans penises. I know there’s a lot of censorship and that Deux is presenting the manga in the format that they got it in, but I am really, really tired of the glowing cones of light.

I would say to avoid this one. Deux has a lot of other releases that are more deserving of your funds.

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