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27th May 2008

Gorgeous Carat Galaxy

Rating: ♦♦♦

I do like You Higuri’s artwork. Her attention to detail is fantastic and her characters are definitely pretty; I just sometimes wish that her plots lived up to the promise of her artwork.

So, here we go with Gorgeous Carat Galaxy, now before you ask, yes, BLU manga is publishing Gorgeous Carat as well. It seems that the original publisher who was doing Gorgeous Carat, Comic Eyes, ceased publication. It was then picked up again in Gentosha Comics. BLU has the license for the series that was released in Comic Eyes and DMP got the license for the works that were published in Gentosha Comics. I’ve only read the first two books that BLU has released, so I can’t swear that this is a continuation of the storyline or if these are new storylines or what exactly is going on.

This time we’ve got Nor and Florian going to an art auction that one of Florian’s distant relatives is holding. Nor doesn’t exactly want to go, but is going along to keep peace (i.e. shut Florian up). When they get there they find a boatload of intrigue, a slightly mentally disturbed cousin of Florian’s and a house filled with secret passageways and tunnels. Now, predictably, Florian ends up in mortal danger at the end of this and Nor has to come to his rescue.

I’m getting to the point where I just want to smack the both of them and then just send them into the corner to screw. See, I’m not sure if this series wants to be shojo with homoerotic undertones or if it wants to be light BL. Maybe if we just got on with consummating the relationship, then Florian being in mortal danger in every book wouldn’t become so tiresome.

I can’t fault DMP at all with the presentation of this book. They’ve done a great job, even including the full-color insert. I just wish there was more to work with plot-wise.

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