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27th May 2008

Glass Sky

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

It’s not very often that a release makes me cry. Hell, it’s not very often that any type of media makes me cry. I can count on one hand the movies that have honestly moved me to tears. I cry easily about life stuff, but I have a much thicker skin when it comes to media.

There’s just so much truth, honesty and sincere emotions caught up in these stories. It was the last one that really got to me. It revolves around an effeminate high school student who is being tormented by his classmates. I know this is a common theme, but the cruelty was so true to some of what I saw when I was in high school that it really struck a chord.

When the boy who dared to offer him support, turns on him because he too now is being tormented and beats him because he’s ashamed of his own feelings… It was just beautifully done for all of its violence.

The rest of the stories were just as wonderful in their own way; they just lacked the sheer emotional power of the last story in the release. I’m usually not that fond of anthologies. I would rather spend a whole book with one set of characters, but it didn’t bother me this time. I could savor each story like it was some luscious candy.

It was simply all-around wonderful. I can’t sing its praises enough. I just wish I had more than five stars to give it.

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