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02nd Nov 2008

Falling Into Love

Rating: ♦♦

There’s really nothing wrong with this release. I just don’t care for Kanzaki’s storytelling. She’s a talented artist and if she ever released an artbook, I would most likely buy it. I just want to look at the pretty pictures, not suffer through her attempts at stringing a story together. I’m going to guess that she’s popular somewhere for June and 801 to keep bringing her stuff over, but in all honesty, I’m tired of her and I’ve only read three or four releases by her.

This is an anthology and it’s pretty predictable. School boys with impossible romantic entanglements. Sex scenes that are only tepid and no emotional hooks to make you care about the characters.

The first story is about Hisashi, a amateur model, and fan of the supermodel Tomohito. Tomohito is nothing like Hisashi imagined and a surprise kiss leaves Hisashi questioning whether or not he really wants to get involved with a business that has people like Tomohito in it. He doesn’t wonder too long, though, because the limp sparks fly between these two and they end up in a relationship. It’s hard to care about the fact that they have a happy ending when you really don’t give a shit about what happens to the characters.

Now, I know 801 is better than this. Most of their releases are things that I’m really excited about–things that go directly to my keeper shelf. I’m going to hope that their next release is something better, something that’s hot enough and engaging enough to erase this release from my memory.

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