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27th May 2008

Endless Rain

Rating: ♦♦

Normally, I like stories like this. We have the two orphan sons. Their mother was the mistress of a respected business man. Their father, the business man, shows no interest in the boys until after their mother’s death. At that time, he forces the boys to move in with him, naming them his heirs.

Right, it all sounds good so far. Then we introduce the bodyguard/second-in-command, who sets himself up as the enforcer of rules for the boys. Now, the older brother, Akira, is the protector and care-giver for his blind, younger brother. He’ll do just about anything to keep his brother safe and happy; something that Hyougami, the enforcer, takes full advantage of. When Hyougami asserts his authority over the boys by raping Akira, the book lost me.

I know, I know, I should have more of an open mind and realize that this is just fantasy. In some series, I can get over rape scenes and just enjoy the story, Love Mode and Viewfinder being prime examples. Nevertheless, I was just screaming for Akira to find a sharp knife and cut the bastard’s dick off. Silly Akira, you’re supposed to want bloody vengeance on your rapist, not fall madly in love with him!

After that, it didn’t matter where the story went because I really didn’t care anymore.

You know, when we were at Anime Boston 2008, Nikita and I ran some panels on Boys Love and were guest panelists on a fan-fiction panel. One of the things we kept getting asked was how to make different plot elements interesting and enjoyable for readers. Our answer was always to channel Tim Gunn and say, “Make it work.” This release did not make it work, in any way, shape or form.

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