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27th May 2008


Rating: ♦♦

I don’t know why June Manga shrink-wraps some of these releases. I couldn’t find anything graphic that would warrant hiding the contents away. Yes, there are males in a sexual relationship with other males, however, people should know what this genre is about.

I was really hoping for something graphic too. I would have broken up the monotony of this release. You all know by now that even though I am a smut princess, and that my favorite stories get me all hot and bothered, that a good or at least an endearing story will suck me in and keep me happy. Stories that have no smut and a meandering, disjointed plot make me cranky.

Shinobu and Eiichi are attending the same college and are next door neighbors in the same apartment complex. At some point, the boys turn to each other for sexual companionship. Problem is that Shinobu isn’t comfortable with the relationship or Eiichi’s casual acceptance of it. When Eiichi accepts an offer for an internship in the U.S., Shinobu realizes just how much Eiichi means to him.

There was no real flow to this story. Scenes jump around and I had to keep going back to re-read to make sure that I had a firm grasp of the plot. That’s no fun. I shouldn’t have to make mental notes when I’m reading something like this for pleasure! This is a nice change from June Manga’s usual plethora of school boys, but I just wish it was a higher quality release!

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