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08th Feb 2009

Double Trouble

Rating: ♦♦

I have some kind of mental block when it comes to this artist. I got some books from DMP last week and I grabbed this one to review because the art on the cover was the most appealing. I read it, thought it was utter crap, then put it down until it was time to write the review. Today, I go to add the artist’s name to our tag list and I find that the name is already listed. So, I start searching to see what else this artist has done.

That’s when the cursing started. For those of you who have the same mental block that I do, this is the artist who brought us Love + Alphα and Heavenly Body. This release is more of the same. Same crappy story telling, same pretty art. The only thing that the other releases have that this one is missing is some graphic sex. In fact, the plot line in this release is close to incomprehensible.

We have Kou, who’s moved away from home to attend high school and to avoid forcing his advances on his step-brother, Naruki. This oh-so-clever plan is foiled when Naruki decides that he misses Kou and to attend school with him. Now Kou is faced with keeping the horde of horny teenaged males away from Naruki’s sweet ass. Everyone seems to be attracted to Naruki’s innocence and naivete. To help combat this, Kou’s roommate, Yoshino, comes up with a plan. He will hypnotize Naruki into being someone who can stand up for himself. Well, things don’t work out exactly as planned and they end up turning meek little Naruki into uber-seme boy every time he gets aroused.

Just to make things even more crack-tastic, seme-Naruki’s favorite source of relief is Kou. Kou isn’t too pleased as he was planning on being seme and he’s not sure of Naruki’s true feelings. Throw Yoshino into the mix with the fact that he wants into Kou’s pants and you’ve got something that is definitely not easy to follow.

I like my plots to be a bit crazy, but I also don’t want to feel like I’m watching a bad 80’s soap opera when I’m reading my manga. I need to figure out a way to embed Takashi Kanzaki’s name into my head, so I can avoid all of her works in the future. I don’t need to get this cranky when I’m writing reviews.

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