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27th May 2008

Don’t Say Anymore, Darling!

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Just the very mention of Fumi Yoshinaga makes me happy. I have never read a bad story by her. Some of them I’ve like more than others, but even the ones I didn’t care for as much still left me with a feeling of satisfaction when I was done. Don’t Say Anymore, Darling! swings from impossible situations to heartbreak.

My favorite story was the first one in the book. It revolves around a successful businessman and his best friend, a struggling songwriter who relies on his friend for food. Our businessman isn’t too pleased with always having to feed songwriter boy, but it’s better than hearing him whine or letting him starve, besides, he’s kind of gotten used to having him around. When our businessman goes to meet a prospective wife, he keeps comparing her to our little song-writing friend and finds her lacking.

Eventually these two end up in bed and find out they have real feelings for each other. Businessman also finds out that our little songwriter has been keeping something from him, turns out that his silly little ditties have been selling and selling well. He’s got millions in the bank. He just didn’t want to let our businessman know because if he knew, then he wouldn’t feed him and then they wouldn’t be able to spend any time together.

Yes, it’s teeth-rottingly sweet. Just go with it and enjoy it. I know I need some sweetness in my life to combat the fact that I’m an utter bitch.

The other stories are not quite as sweet. I was almost in tears at the end of “My Eternal Sweetheart”. Maybe it’s because I’m a doll junky, but I’m always attracted to stories about androids or living dolls. This one had a nice twist that really was pulling at my heartstrings.

All of the stories in here are very nice. I even enjoyed the story about the aging professor and his wife. Yes, there is a story with a straight couple in it. A very sad story. Enjoy for it what it is.

I’m almost worried that we’re going to exhaust the amount of material that Fumi Yoshinaga has released and that there won’t be anymore to be brought over. Then I’m going to be horribly sad because I am so madly in love with her work. Here’s hoping to lots more of her stuff being brought over!

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