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01st Mar 2009

Don’t Rush Love

Rating: ♦♦♦

I’m just not that fond of this artist. Her perspective is off and her stories are not that engaging. In her defense, this volume wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. There were only a few panels that made me cringe.

We’re revisiting some characters that appeared in Meeting You. Morino is the new student at an all-male university prep-school. On his first day, he sees Kusama practicing with the volleyball team and is smitten. The object of his affection seems to look at him and it’s all over for Morino. I mean, full-out, manic lust.

Now, being a BL manga, this means that the boys are rooming together. Morino worries about how he’s going to keep Kusama from finding out about his fascination with him, but it turns out that it’s not really an issue. Kusama goes out every night and comes home early in the morning, all disheveled and reeking of sex.

This drives Morino crazy and he offers up his body as a substitute. Kusama accepts and happy, hot sex follows. The problem lies in the fact that Kusama can’t admit to the fact that he’s got feelings for Kusama. So, they keep repeating the pattern of Morino getting his feelings hurt, then Kusama comforting him with the power of his awesome dick. (In the land of BL, there’s very little that can’t be solved by the power of the awesome dick.) Eventually, the Kusama realizes that he’s got some real feelings under the layers of raging hormones and there’s a happy ending.

You know, it’s not a great release, it doesn’t make you think or want to stand up and cheer, but it is a marked improvement over some of the other releases we’ve seen from this artist. This was originally released in 2006. I hope that she’s taking some of the time between releases to stop working on drawing incredibly detailed penises and use it to work on the proportions for faces.

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