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27th May 2008

Don’t Blame Me 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I’m still confused over the guy in the bear suit, but I’m sure that everything will come together in future volumes. Yamada has become one of my favorite authors. She’ll pull it all together and make me tear up and grin at the same time.

This story is mostly told in flashbacks. See, Makoto has always looked up to his older cousin, Toshi. It was Toshi who introduced him to movies and told him that he didn’t have to settle for being a boring adult. But, now that Makoto’s grown and is getting back in touch with Toshi, he’s found that Toshi’s given up on his idealism. This throws poor Makoto for a loop. Thankfully, Toshi’s friends from college take Makoto under their wings and start telling him stories of Toshi’s college life in an attempt to make Makoto understand the new Toshi.

It’s very well done and completely engrossing, even if it is a bit confusing at times. I have to say that it’s kind of nice to have a strong female character in a BL manga who isn’t competing for one of the guys, an utter bitch, or just there for comic relief. I know that there’s absolutely no basis for reality in BL manga, but reading it does make you feel at times that the entire population of Japan is made up of pretty men. Men who may not consider themselves gay, per se, but who end up falling in love with other men just the same.

I’m just hoping that I won’t be waiting as long for the next volume of this as I have been waiting for the next volume of Close The Last Door!

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27th May 2008

Don’t Blame Me 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Yugi Yamada manga just make me happy. Far too happy, actually. I’m always sad when I finish one because I don’t have anything else new from her to read!

The course of true love is a rocky one, especially when one person is too shy to let the other one know how he feels. Top that off with the other person in the relationship not wanting to admit to their sexuality, and you’ve got a real mess.

Over the span of filming a movie for the college festival, things will be worked out and relationships solidified. In all honesty, though, the movie they’re trying to make is no where near as interesting as the dynamics between the characters.

I think my favorite character is Miki. She’s such a little perv – always hoping to see some hot man-love. She wasn’t one of those annoying female characters. She served a point in carrying the plot forward and I found myself identifying with her. I also liked the younger cousin. It is his point of view from which most of the story is told. Poor guy had everyone trying to corrupt him. It was cute in a slightly creepy way.

Yup, I was just all kinds of pleased with this release. It’s sweet, funny and romantic with just a touch of smut thrown in to make everything interesting. I’m just hoping that June has a few more licenses tucked in their sleeves, so I can continue to be treated by Yamada’s work.

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