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17th Jan 2010

Dog X Cat

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I didn’t think I was going to like this one. I mean, it had good art, and a cute cat. But, good art and a cute cat will only take you so far.

I need some substance to really bring me over, and thankfully, this one had substance.

All Atsu wants in life is a dog. All Junya wants in life is Atsu. Once they hit college, Junya decides to make his feelings clear, confusing the hell out of poor Atsu.

My favorite scene was when our two heroes finally get together. They’re getting all hot and heavy, when Junya’s cat decides to make his prescience known, by leaping on to Junya’s back.
Being the owner of a fat, clumsy and rather stupid cat, I found this to be hysterical.

This release is filthy, graphic and far too endearing. I’m not familiar with this artist, but she reminds me of Takakura Row, when it comes to the amount of detail she puts into her characters, and just how dirty they are.

I’m also reminded of just why I like 801’s releases in the first place. They’re graphic (no glowing cones of light here) and they usually have some substance to back up the filth.

Substance in my smut, who ever would have thought!

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