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05th Jun 2008

The Devil’s Secret

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Is there anything more fun than a incubus getting his claws into a Catholic priest? I don’t think there is. Maybe it’s just my lust for boys with wings and bastardization of Christian mythology coming through, but this release pushed almost all of my happy kink buttons.

So, there’s a priest, Father Mauro, whose kind heart led him to take in a drifter he found in his garden – a drifter with horns and a tail. Now Mauro doesn’t think twice about his guest’s extra appendages, except for asking him to hide them from his parishioners. Mauro is convinced that demons don’t exist. His guest is just, um, special.

The guest, Raoul, worries that he may be a demon, but lets Mauro reassure him that it isn’t possible. After all, Raoul’s not evil, just mischievous and playful.

This all changes when one of Raoul’s brothers comes looking for him to take him back to his family in Hell. Raoul’s not just a demon, he’s an incubus and one of Satan’s own sons. This doesn’t make him that special, there’s over one hundred brothers, which explains how they lost one of them. Of course, being an incubus, there’s really only one way that Raoul can take sustenance and this means that Mauro’s on the menu!

The whole thing is very sexy and cute. I have to admit to wanting more stories about the older brother incubus and what life is like in the author’s version of Hell. Her version of Hell seems to be more like a pantheon of gods rather than a place of fire and punishment. Still, the book was very satisfying and made me grin the whole way through.

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