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27th May 2008

Crimson Wind

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Finally! The sequel to White Guardian. I’m hoping that someday there will be more stories in this universe because this book just left me wanting more. It also reinforced the fact that Sei is amazingly awesome and that Touri is a complete asshole.

This release focuses on how a very young Sei is seduced by Touri. I know that Touri shows some real emotions at the end, but he tricks Sei into bed at first, and I really can’t get over that, nor can I really get over my dislike of his character that carried over from White Guardian. What can I say, I hold a grudge.

There’s also a very sweet little side story about a magistrate who falls for a lost outlander. Not only is he an outlander, but the countries are in the midst of a bitter war and our poor magistrate must choose between his feelings and his honor and duty to his country.

Duo Brand have a deft touch with the angst, always peppering it with doses of humor, so that you can’t take it too seriously. You can just hang on and go for the ride, loving and hating the characters as you go.

The art is stellar and the presentation is top notch. Drama Queen always has the best production values. Every time I get one of their releases I’m always pleased with the presentation and the translation. I’m really looking forward to some of the things that they said were going to be released in the coming year. I’m almost scared to think about what one of the other companies would do with these titles.

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