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27th May 2008

Casino Lily

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Magira Yuri, a.k.a. Casino Lily, is lucky on an international scale. He beats the house every time. His presence is practically revered by casino owners. Basically, Magira is fabulous and all the boys want him.

However, there is a catch to Casino Lily’s luck and casino owner Anthony Monte Carlo is determined to find out Magira’s secret. In so pursuing Magira, Carlo falls for the pretty gambler. Magira can’t settle with Carlo though because of a promise to another in Japan.

We all know how this is gonna end, right? In perfect Nitta-style romance, of course!

There is also a short story titled “Not Guilty” at the end. Talk about twisted and delicious. It’s a lovely BL spin on the yakuza world.

I can tell this is one of Nitta’s earlier works. Her drawing style has solidified, but her storytelling is a little shallow. I will still recommend this to Nitta fans because Casino Lily is a good read and very easy on the eyes. If you want a classic, pick this manga up!

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