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27th May 2008

…but I’m your teacher.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Let me just say that I am a Takakura Row fangirl. I love her boys. I went out and got all of her work in the original Japanese even though I couldn’t read any of it just so I could drool over the pretty pictures.

Thankfully, Kitty Media is bringing her works over so now I know what’s going on and WHY the pretty boys are screwing each other blind.

The anthology starts off with the title story. It revolves around a young, nervous teacher and his lusty student. It’s a nice switch on the teacher/student dynamic. The only thing that really threw me was the lack of honorifics. I don’t like them using Mr. and Mrs. I want sensei and san and kun and the rest of them. You lose so much of the characters relationships with other characters when you leave out the honorifics. It’s not that hard to just add in a page that lists what they are and what they mean.

Eh. The boys are pretty enough that I got over that quickly.

The other stories in the book are a good sampling of Takakura Row’s work. They vary from being sweet and silly (“Happy Honey Baby”) to being slightly dark and angsty (“View Through the Lens”).

If you haven’t already been exposed to the addiction that is Takakura Row this would be a good place to start. Pretty boys, nicely drawn smut and stories that suck you in. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a BL manga.

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